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Doctor Michael GUNSON


Dr. Michael J. Gunson graduated from UCLA Dental School and continued on to receive his Medical Degree and Specialty Certificate in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery from UCLA. Upon completion of his training, Dr. Gunson partnered with Dr. G. William Arnett at the Center for Corrective  Jaw Surgery in Santa Barbara, California. Their surgical practice is limited to facial aesthetics and reconstruction.

Dr. Gunson examines and treats thousands of patients with aesthetic, functional, and sleep conditions. Dr. Gunson treatment process enhances his orthognathic and aesthetic surgical techniques which provides patients with improved health and satisfaction.

Dr. Michael J. Gunson lectures throughout the world and publishes his research on orthognathic surgery, facial aesthetics, obstructive sleep apnea and the treatment of TMJ arthritis and condylar resorption.

He enjoys sharing this information with colleagues through publications and lectures.




Facial esthetics are most often judged by clinicians by measuring the position and form of the parts of the face and teeth.

Whether its cephalometric analysis or Smile Design, these diagnostic and treatment approaches only focus on form and position.

A mostly ignored aspect of facial esthetics is function. While the lips and teeth, if measured, might be found in a “proper” position, if they do not fit the patient’s overall system they will never look esthetic.

This is what is meant by functional esthetics.

The lips are the most important functional unit when it comes to facial esthetics.

Lip function, form and position are all influenced by the teeth and their fit, the temporomandibular joints, the airway and the skeleton.

If this system is not working correctly, it will be seen in the lips. If the lips are not working correctly, the system can break down.

The discussion will center on how to identify oro-facial problems that affect the lips.

It will show how treating these problems can deliver beautiful facial results by normalizing the patients lip position, form AND function.




8H30: Welcome coffee

9H00 - 10H30: Functional Facial Esthetics - Part I

10H30: Coffeebreak

11H - 12H30: Functional Facial Esthetics - Part II

12H30 - 13H30: Lunch

13H30 - 15H: Orthognathic Surgery Accuracy: The influence of bones and titanium - Part I

15H: Coffeebreak

15H30 - 17H: Orthognathic Surgery Accuracy: The influence of bones and titanium - Part II


8H30: Welcome coffee

9H00 - 10H30: Reasons why patients seek revision orthognathic surgery 

10H30: Coffeebreak

11H - 12H30: Condylar resorption

End of the conference.



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